Guide to the Perfect Nail Prep

Hello, nail enthusiasts! Welcome to the Gelpolish Factory Nail Prep Guide – your go-to source for achieving a flawless foundation for gel nails. Get ready to discover the steps behind the perfect canvas for your polish. Let’s dive into the art of precise nail prep, where each step brings you closer to perfection!

Nail Prep Guide:

Give your hands and nails a quick clean with soap and water, dry off well, and you’re on your way!

File your nails into your desired shape.

Gently push back and clean up cuticles with a cuticle tool. Scrape away any loose or dead skin on the nail, making sure you use a gentle hand so you don’t cut yourself or damage your nail plate and cuticle.

Gently buff your nail’s surface with a fine-grit buffer to remove shine and give your gel polish a better texture to hold onto.

Clean off your nails with a lint-free wipe soaked in nail prep cleanser.

Apply a thin layer of Gelpolish Factory Nail Prep & Prime for better adhesion and a longer-lasting result. Let the product air dry completely. It should not be cured under a nail lamp.

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