Guide to Gel Polish Removal

Ready to say farewell to your gel polish with grace? We’ve got you covered! Welcome to our guide to Gelpolish gel polish removal, where we’ll unveil the steps to take to say goodbye to your current manicure.

How to Remove Gel Polish Step by Step:

Gently file across the entire surface of your manicured nails to break open the seal of the top coat. Make sure you reach all the corners. 

Soak the cotton area of a removal foil in Gelpolish Factory gel polish remover.

Place the soaked cotton area on your nail and wrap the rest of the foil around your finger. Then fold down the the top of the foil.

Let the rest of your fingers continue to soak while you work on one finger at a time. 

Using a soft and gentle hand, scrape off the loosened gel polish from your nails with a cuticle pushing tool. You don’t want to scrape and damage your nail plates. 

If needed, you can leave the removal foil to soak for longer if it is too hard to scrape off.

Scrape off until almost all polish is gone and only a small residue is left.

With a very gentle and soft pressure, buff off any remains of product from your nails until they feel smooth.

Soak a lint-free wipe in Gelpolish Factory nail cleanser and wipe it across your nails to remove product dust. 

Treat your nails with a nail oil to bring back much needed moisture. 

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