Soft Gel Tips


Embrace a classic and elegant look with our Soft Gel Tips in Almond Shape! These press-on gel tips offer a graceful and tapered design, mirroring the natural curve of your nails. Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and timeless look, these Almond-shaped tips provide a classic silhouette that elongates the fingers while maintaining a touch of gentle femininity.

About Soft Gel Tips

The soft gel tips are a type of nail extension that offers a flexible and more natural feel compared to traditional acrylic or hard gel extensions. These tips are made from a softer and more flexible gel material, providing a more natural-looking, comfortable and lightweight experience.

Apply them using your Builder Gel and Flash Light Nail Lamp to attach and shape the tips onto your natural nail. The tips can be customized, trimmed, shaped and filed just like traditional nail extensions. When you want to remove them, they are easy to soak off with a remover or acetone.

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