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Builder Gel 01 is a completely clear gel that suits any color you choose to put on top. A perfect product to use instead of base coat to add extra strength to your natural nails under your gel polish color coat. 

Builder Application Guide

Play the video to watch the application guide.

About Builder Gel

Meet Builder Gel. A nail fortifier that adds even more support and strength to your natural nails than a normal base coat and provides the foundation for nails that can handle anything life throws at them.

With builder gels you can strengthen the natural nail, fix a broken nail AND lengthen your own nails - in order to create the exact nail look you dream of. The builder gel has the power to shape, strengthen, and sculpt your nails with ease. If you have thin or soft natural nails that need the extra support, the builder gel is for YOU! Use it instead of a base coat in your nail routine.

Easy Application

All products are designed to be easy to use at home.

Hema Free

100% free from hema & TPO

Vegan Formula

All formulas are vegan and cruelty free.

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