gelpolish factory normal top coat

Gel Polish Factory


Meet our clear Top Coat. The shining star of your nail routine! It’s the final touch that takes your manicure from fabulous to utterly dazzling. Our Top Coat seals the deal and protects your hard work, turning your mani into a party-ready masterpiece. Glossy, protective, and fabulous, it’s your nails’ best friend for a long-lasting and shiny result!

About Our Gel Polish

Our gel polishes have a rich pigmentation, great durability, and are easy to apply to both hands and feet. Gelpolish Factory gel polish can last up to three weeks, depending on how thoroughly the prep is carried out. Remember that our gel polish must always be cured under a UV/LED lamp.

Easy Application

All products are designed to be easy to use at home.

Hema Free

100% free from hema & TPO.

Vegan Formula

All formulas are vegan and cruelty free.

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